Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thank You all for coming out, we had a ton of fun and hope you did as well.

Pics, a recap of bike weekend, etc… will be up shortly. I’ll most likely get to it over the weekend.

Thanks to are great sponsors: Campus WheelWorks, Rick Cycle shop, Chrome, and LoveJoy Pizza.


Now a lil teaser, before we get everything uploaded/written, for the recap.


FixGearCritd 7/11/14

thank you Dave Henning, for the vid

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BBW4 Manifest


Reg 3pm @ Days Park.

Race with start at 4pm sharp.


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BBW4 Alleycat Prizes & Manifest Preview

Alright, seeing this years alleycat maybe a wet one here is a pic of some of the prizes for this year’s winners so use that as incentive to get on your bikes and ride.

Men and Women’s winner will each receive a Chrome Roll Top backpack and $50 to Rick Cycle or Campus Wheelworks.


There will be 10 checkpoints total and the race will end at the Gypsy Parlor. Come prepared to ride 20-25 miles, we suggest you bring a map and lock. Here is a sneak peak of this years manifest.


Good luck everyone!

Full manifest will be posted at 3pm.

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Bike Weekend IV Event Details



Friday July 11th – Fixed Gear Crit Race @ 7pm
Cost: $5
Registration from 7-7:40pm @ Days Park in Allentown. At 7:45pm we will roll out to the secret race location.
Requirements: Fixed gears only, NO brakes allowed, and a helmet is manditory. Any handlebars and gear ratios permitted.
There will be a cash prime lap and cash/prizes for top 3. This will be a 15 lap race on a semi closed course. Semi closed meaning it’s a desolate area and we’ll have marshalls to guide traffic away from the course but I’m going to be honest here…. this race, like an Alleycat race won’t be licenced or permitted by the city.  Safety will be a priority of ours but nothings fool proof. This event is a Buffalo Bike Weekend first so come help us make history!


Saturday July 12th – Freak Bike Olympics @ 2pm
Cost: FREE
Meeting at the north end of West Ave. on the bike path under the 198.
This will be an afternoon of unorthodox bike events hosted by the founder of Buffalo Bike Weekend Jake Milula. This years events include Ring Toss, Sidecar Slam, Double Dare Race, Tall Bike Joust, Kids Tandem Bike Race and the Worlds Slowest Race.  It’s an afternoon best described as “Family Double Dare on bikes”. As the date nears you’ll be able to find out more about this years Freak Bike Olympics at


Sunday July 13th – Buffalo Bike Weekend Alleycat 3! @ 3pm
Cost: $5
Registration from 3-3:45pm @ Days Park in Allentown. Race starts at 4pm.
The main event:  Buffalo’s largest Alleycat of the year! There will be 8-10 checkpoints scattered about our fair city and pending your Queen city navigation skills you should be prepared to ride 24-30 miles within the city limits. There will be prizes for top 3 men, top 3 women, 1st fixed gear, DFL and more. You should bring a map and lock to this event. Manifests will be handed out at registration so early reg will have it’s advantages.  Bike Weekend Alleycat veterans beware though you can expect a new twist this year.
Check back with us soon because hints and clues to Buffalo’s most anticipated Alleycat race of the year may be posted here. Along with addition events and after party’s being added to the Bike Weekend IV calendar.




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we got them! shhhhhh… but for what?! BUFFALO BIKE WEEKEND, who are they!? i got to keep some suspense, I’ll post in a couple(few) days


last night saw a bunch of people using Buffalo Bike Share, as 2 or 3 of these bikes were locked up outside my apt.  It’s great seeing these bikes getting used, and more people getting involved in cycling around Buffalo.

now a video, thanks to Tracko where I first saw it, and a lil love to GOOD FOOD crew


MTL 10-9 – Tales From The Road from Ombres & Lumières on Vimeo.



-major razor

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starting to feel alot like Summer…finally

well everyone is out riding today, killing it, I woke up late missing pretty much every ride.  But with that said, a ton of group rides have started up.


Monday is Campus WheelWorks crit practice, im pretty sure you have to be invited, but everyone thier is super rad and if you’re cool and into racing im sure they’d let you come around, note* this is a legit practice and will kick your ass, no lollygagging, they leave at 7

Tuesday Campus WheelWorks does a Group Ride, this one is for EVERYONE, they have 3 skill levels a C, B, and A  ride, ranging from 10-15 to 30 miles, great ride, the campus ride supervisors/leaders always have a great ride planned out.  Ride leaves Campus at 6:30 pm get there early to sign up

Wednesday is our pride and joy, a ride we created maybe now 3 or 4 years ago, i dont even know, we meet at Steve’s house, do a decent ride, hit up some bars, or parks, and have a ton a fun.  All are welcome, must be 21 or older.

Not that I want to knock are own ride, but another bike shop, Ricks Cycle Shop has a Wednesday ride too, not sure when this one starts or have to much info on it since I’m always doing are own ride, but just stop in, im sure they’d let you kno all the details

Thursday, no group ride, however, every thursday at the Larkin District are the crit races, and its a fun ride to get down their, watch some races, drink some beers hang out, support the scence, races start at 6:15, 2 races, first are the cat 5/4 then they do the 3/2/1’s

Fridays  nothing comes to mind

Saturday’s Campus does a MTB group ride, which i have heard is awesome, but i dont know to much about, stop in ther and ask them about it.  If your interested they even have demo bikes sometime for newbies to try out.

Sunday, BBC races, if your not a racer, they have training races every now and then, ive been starting to do these, they kick my ass, but its rad and you get to meet a ton of people and learn/have more respect for cycling. I suggest trying it if you ever considered trying to race.  NIKE…Just Do It!


-ray z

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So the old blog/site is gone

Finally getting nice weather here in Buffalo, NY.  Going to try and keep this updated as much as possible.  We’ll see how well it goes.


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